Verdecode transforms power management for the cloud, data centers, and enterprise computing.


ESG Audit

VerdeCode provides the tools stakeholders need to assess and implement improvements. Our powerful power auditing tools can assess power usage of individual applications.

Our entire software suite does not require any new hardware is installed in your data centers and even works in the cloud.

Process Specific Power Consumption

VerdeCode’s powerful technology provides process level power draw directly to developers. A combination of sophisticates AI/ML models, direct measurement, and cutting edge research provide actionable metrics for developers to improve code

Best Practice and Thought Leadership

VerdeCode is a thought leader in power efficient software programming. With out tools and expertise we can help you to transform your code base and display equal ESG leadership in your sector.




Taking learnings from mobile paradigm and extend them with new capabilities into enterprise environment with libraries and AI tools developed to provide tools developed to provide actionable metrics to developers. 


Tools and visibility to further align disconnected economics of payers and providers creating a platform to audit, enable efficient code development and optimize


Reporting on your environment. As you deploy, reconfigure, and meet the needs of business this tool provides awareness of power consumption